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The thought of an impending child’s birthday has the potential to throw any normally placid and sane mother into a fit of panic and anxiety. Who to invite? What theme? Do we save money by doing it at home but risk mess and mayhem? What can we feed the kids without sending them on a sugar fuelled rampage? Who’s going to help me with food prep and clean up?

We might not be able to answer all of these questions, but we do offer a really fun and unique solution to “sweets” at your next child’s birthday party. We run a very unique Food Truck business, based out of Bayside. We specialise in dessert, and more specifically, pastry. In laymen’s terms we make “donuts”, but it is actually an iconic Hungarian pastry that has been handed down over many generations. In recent years it has become Eastern Europe’s favourite street food and sometimes called “chimney cake” or “spring donut”.

Kids love them, adults love them, we love them enough to start our very own business, and we’d love to share them with you. To help you out, we jotted down 10 great reasons for you to invite us to your next kid’s party:

1.    Our donuts are a really fun shape and unfamiliar to many kids, which usually results in a “WOW” or “YAY”


2.    Our donuts pull apart like a long spiral when eaten, allowing some very fun “small child eating giant donut” type photos – trust us, we have a 3 year old nephew!


3.    Our donuts are baked not fried, and not loaded with icing & confectionery


4.    Our donuts are handmade and baked fresh on site, in front of your very eyes (who else can do that?)


5.    Our Van design is super fun and colourful


6.    Our staff are lovely


7.    Our pricing is affordable for small to medium events


8.    You’ve already arranged all the main food, surely you can allow us to handle dessert?

9.    Adults definitely love the product too!

10.    We have wheels - setup and clean up is pretty quick and all contained in our van

11.    We can do weekdays as well as weekends (OK, this is a bonus tip - we are generous kinda people)

Contact us via our webpage and we can arrange some samples to help the decision making!